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From plagiarism, to doping, to financial fraud, dishonesty seems to be a universal part of the world we live in. Going far beyond scandalous headlines, cheating isn’t just happening on a newsworthy scale, it’s happening in small ways everywhere. It’s human nature to lie, we all do it! But little fibs can snowball into large-scale problems with major implications for organizations and

Studies show that we don't really understand the causes and complexities of dishonesty. Research also indicates that reminding people and ourselves about our own morality makes us behave better.

Our goal is to help to stop unethical behaviour within companies or organisations. Doping and match fixing within sports. Tips to stop other criminal activities.

  • Working together
  • Transform turnover to net profit
We are working closely together with our international customers, law firms, accounting firms, both private and public organisations to push our compliance solutions to the next level.
On an average basis companies loses between 3-7 percent of their turnover because of fraud, embezzlement or corruption.
Our compliance solutions can give you an enormous ROI within a few months.

Today, more than 12 million people in the world have access to whistleblowing through our solution.

Our solutions are used in all sorts of industries. Areas of application include international corporations
medium-sized companies, banks, insurance companies, public authorities, healthcare and non-profit organisations.

Our Products

  • Whistleblowing

    Our whistleblowing hotline combines our best IT skills together with our comprehensive knowledge and experience within local personal data laws and ethics worldwide.

We have our own IT department and consultants who develop our products and services with our customers. We have a lot of options that you can add to our basic solution. It depends on what you would like to do in-house or what you would like to outsource to us and/or to another third party provider.

We work together with many law firms, investigation and consulting companies in Europe that implement our whistleblowing solution and help with case investigations. If you would like to work with us, please feel free to contact us.

  • Compliance App for smartphones

    We have a great module based Compliance App for iPhone and Android, where you can give your employees and external partners access to your compliance policies and procedures.

The three modules we currently offer are:

  • Policies, procedures and Accept module.
  • E-learning module.
  • Whistleblower module.

Each module can be purchased separately or
together in one App.

  • Communication

    We have a professional film crew who produces small video clips about compliance that you for example can send out to your employees as a part of an E-learning program.

Custom designed sites
End Users
Handled Cases
Present Countries

Whistleblowing Solution

Whistleblowing hotline

Secure reporting channels for whistleblowing reports with possible anonymous dialogue between the whistleblower and the investigator.

Case Management

You can manage all the reports in one secure place. No restrictions on the amount of internal or external administrative users.

Hosting Centers

Your whistleblowing hotline and data can be hosted in Germany or in Canada.

Security, integrity & Dataprivacy

The solution and procedures complies with some of the world’s most stringent personal data protection laws – the German and Danish Acts on Processing of Personal Data. BDO in Germany and Denmark audits the solution annually. Both acts are based on EU legislation.
We do not have access to your data, unless you grant us access.

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Multi Country Solution

World-wide reporting of whistleblower incidents in any language and in compliance with the national laws. We support all countries. This is a unique feature for our service.

Turn Key Solution

The solution is one of the most inexpensive on the global market and can be introduced within two to four weeks with a minimum of resources used by you.

Whistleblower App


Your employees, suppliers, customers and other relevant individuals are on the move with their smartphones in their pocket. With our Whistleblower App they can easily, securely and anonymously report an incident by voice, text, picture or video.

24/7 Telephone Solution


The telephone solution is an integrated part of the case management solution and as a costumer you can have your own set-up and a local number per country.

Fast and safe translation service


Integrated translation service, where we in a short time will translate the content of the reported incident to English and then translate any follow-up communications back again. You can choose which incident we will have to translate.

Screening Service


If you like we can screen the reports and only sent the reports that are in the scope of the whistleblower policy. The screening service will be done by highly educated and professionals staff in Denmark.

Employee Communication


We have a professional film set-up who produces small and funny video clips that you can sent out to your employees. This make sure that your employees actually know the hotline and that you most likely will receive reports on incidents when they happen.

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Compliance App for smartphones

Together with our content partners we have prepared some standard material for the Compliance App, e.g. an anti-bribery e-learning course or an anti-trust e-learning course or a short video clip on how, what and when to whistleblow. You can of course use your own material in the App, e.g. your code of conduct, e-learning programs etc. Text, pictures, video clips and sound is possible material in the app.

You can admin the modules from a web based administrative portal. The content and data is hosted in Germany and each organisation has its own iPhone and Android Apps that can be downloaded in the App stores. You can grant access to information and e-learning courses by groups and even down to an individual user.

Show policies and procedures and Accept module.

In this module you can show policies and procedures to your employees and/or your external partners.

In the administrative portal you can grant access to the users you want and monitor who has read the information and who hasn’t. Furthermore, you can add an “Accept of terms and conditions checkmark”, so that the user accepts that she or he have read the content.

The last part can also be monitored by the admin users and you can manually or automatically follow up on each user who didn’t finalize the program.

E-learning module

In this module you can train your employees and/or your external partners. We also have an integrated web based e-learning system.

If you already have an e-learning program, you can integrate your web based e-learning program with our e-learning module with our application programming interface (API).

In the administrative portal you can grant access to the users you want and monitor who has finalised the e-learning course and who hasn’t.
You can manually or automatically follow up on each user who didn’t finalize the course.

Whistleblower module.

The whistleblower module is an integrated part of the case management solution (whistleblowing hotline) and as a costumer you can have your own iPhone and Android Whistleblower App.

In this module your employees and/or your external partners can easily, securely and if they like anonymously report an incident by voice, text, picture or video.

Got Issues?

If you have any questions or problems, we are always happy to help. As our client, you can expect the highest level of support.
Our support team is online 24/7, and is ready to help you with any compliance-related or technical issue.


Our team already have some premade videos, and you have the opportunity to buy these video clips unedited and adapt them to your liking, so it fits your organization. We also work with two professional photographers who can help you with professional photo material if needed.

The team is led by Farshad Kholghi who is a professional actor and entertainer.

We can also help you produce small video clips tailored to your organization about compliance issues including for example a video clip of the CEO introducing the code of conduct for less money than you are used to.

We will help you find the right way.

More and more countries in the world impose big fines if your company is not in compliance with the local anti-bribery, personal data or anti-trust act.

About Security

In our current age, safety is more important than ever. Whistleblowing is sensitive, and if the whistleblower doesn’t feel safe and protected by anonymity, there may be important violations getting left out. It is important none other than the authorized people gets access to the data collected in the system. This is the reason our team of security specialists are constantly evolving, and searching for ways to improve our techniques.


Safety is a top priority, and the importance of a good password is essential. For this exact reason we made it possible to use your phones fingerprint scanner, to create a biometric password to access our systems.


Every year BDO makes a comprehensive ISEA 3000 Audit of Got Ethics and our whistleblower system. Trust and transparency is important to us, which is why we are giving access to our newest Danish and German audit report.


We are using advanced encryption techniques to ensure that no one has access to your data.
Got Ethics do not have access to your data, this makes sure that no sensitive information gets compromised.

Protected by

To safeguard the system from getting infected, we clean all file attachments with
This prevents even 0-day viruses from infiltrating the servers, and your data.

Tier-3 Data Center

Our systems operate exclusivly through high-security data centers certified to ISO 27001, which correspond to the highest standards in the world.

Penetration Test

To make sure that our system is impenetrable, we are getting penetration tests carried out to test our data security every month.


To guarantee confidentiality we make sure that no IP addresses or timestamps are being logged within the system. Our no cookie policy makes sure that nothing can be traced back to the whistleblower.

DigiCert SSL Certificate

Security and authenticity is of great importance to us, which is why our servers has been awarded an advanced server certificate by DigiCert.
HTBridge also awarded our SSL security with an
A+ rating

Firewall & IP Restriction

We are using State of the Art Firewall and IP Restriction to keep the systems safe from any unwanted attacks.

Brute Force Protection

Cryptanalytic attacks might be attempted on our system, we are using the lockout method to prevent any brute-force attacks. This guarantees that the account gets locked if anyone tries to systematically check for possible passwords.

Two-factor Login

We are using the 2FA protection method, to prevent identity theft. This makes sure that no one else can login using your credentials, by adding an extra layer of security. This is done by requiring two types of identification.

Case Management System

To maintain confidentiality of reports our
Case Management System has very fine grained access configuration. This means that without permission on a case, you are not granted cryptographic access.


About Got Ethics

Got Ethics A/S is one of the leading international providers of solutions to fight unethical behaviour in private businesses, organizations and public authorities.

Got Ethics A/S is founded by Peter Dagø a former Equity Partner from Deloitte in Copenhagen, Denmark and Jesper Dannemann a former Senior Consultant from Deloitte.

We were established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010.

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We cherish active partnerships to work on projects of any type and complexity.
If you are interested in a demo of one of our products, feel free to contact us.

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We promote honesty in people.

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